Ms. Andrea Goody (drealeigh) wrote in irish_bastards,
Ms. Andrea Goody

My Irish pride Ink

Not sure if anyone else has posted their pride tattoos but here goes:) haha of my 9 my two most recent are irish pride tattoos :) I have three shamrocks on the inside of my right wrist two are green and one is colored like the irish flag the two green are for my two sisters the flag is for our Nana she came to america from Ireland at 15 and she was the glue that held our family together. my second is on my left calf :) words dont do it justice so i'll let it explain itself. the crown has 15 gems in it for loved ones and friends its by far my favorite piece:) im thinking for my left calf i want the bag pipe playing skeleton from the DKM albums....not sure:) have a look behind the cut....


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