LifeLessons (letmeburyem) wrote in irish_bastards,

Today is the day!

It is sunny and warm...a perfect day for some Irish music on the Hudson.

TODAY is the First Annual Peekskill Irish-American Music Festival, at Peekskill's Riverfront Green! Come join us and hear some great music by Jameson's Revenge, (featuring members of Shilelagh Law and the Eileen Ivers Band), Sullivan's Jack, and Black 47. There will be great good, lots of beer, vendors an air castle, and much, much more.

Heavyweight Boxer Kevin McBride- the man who ended Mike Tyson's career- will be on hand for pictures and autographs, as well as several surprise guests!

Tickets are just $25! We're expecting a large walk-in crowd, some come early and don't miss a minute of it!

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