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Ireland in October

Greetings to everyone either in Ireland, or wishing they were there.  

My mom and I are going to Ireland in October for 7 days.  The plan is to spend a day or two in Dublin, a day or two in Cork and then... I have no idea.  We have some time to figure all that stuff out.  The part I need help with, is finding lodging.  I've searched online but I've been unable to find a web site and/or book that tells me things like how far the hotel/b&b/whatever is away from the places you want to be close to.  I've found some great places to stay at, but for all I know they could be 10 miles away from the area's we want to explore.  If anyone has found such a website or book, I'd love to know about it!  This will be in early October.  I want to go when the traveling season is over, but I also want to go when we won't freeze various appendages off.  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks!

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